Human Resource and Employment Law Education

Employment Law and Human Resource Programs and Guides

The Law and Management Resource Center offers a number of Employment Law, Human Resources and Management related certificate and training programs. Courses may be taken as part of a complete curriculum or individually. A list of our most popular courses are provided below.

Our harassment prevention training has been rated #1 in San Diego! For more information about our harassment prevention training, please visit our Harassment Prevention Training page. Attendees from clients enrolled in our Consultation Plans receive an additional discount on registration fees.

On-site training programs at client locations are also available. With on-site training, programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business or organization. Clients save time and money because they pay one flat fee for multiple attendees. On-site training fosters communication and teamwork. It also creates a cooperative learning environment through which attendees can exchange ideas and explore goals in their own workplace.


Topics Include:
◆ Sexual Harassment

◆ Types and Forms of Harassment

◆ Liability

◆ Abusive Conduct

◆ Protected Worker Classifications

◆ Respect in the Diverse Workplace

◆ Investigations and Remedial Action

◆ Retaliation


Topics Include:
◆ Developing Legally Compliant Management Policies

◆ Interviewing Employment Applicants

◆ Wage and Hour Issues

◆ Privacy Issues and Investigations

◆ Employer and Employee Property

◆ Employee Leaves of Absence and Time Away from Work

◆ Employee Evaluations

◆ Discipline and Termination


Topics Include:
◆ Strategic Planning

◆ Leadership Styles

◆ Managing Performance

◆ Team Structure and Processes

◆ Self-Awareness of Your Leadership Style

◆ Emotional Intelligence

◆ Building Positive Employee Relationships

◆ Cross Talent Development

◆ Employee Conflict Resolution


Topics Include:
◆ Managing Different Personality Types

◆ Building Rapport

◆ Promoting Productivity

◆ Cross-Cultural Development

◆ Building Business-to-Business Relationships

◆ Marketing Yourself and Your Business

◆ Successful Presentation Skills

◆ Building a Respected and Professional Image

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To view our program schedule and register for upcoming events, visit our Event page.

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In addition to our training programs and events, the Law and Management Resource Center has several quick reference guides to help human resource professionals, business owners, managers and supervisors. For information on our reference guides, visit our Reference Guides page.

Our LMRC Human Resource Toolkit, compiled by our California employment law attorneys and human resource consultants, is also a helpful resource which includes important forms, posters and human resource notices. Visit our Human Resource Resources page for more information.