Presentation Skills in San Diego

Presentation Skills for Businesses and Marketing

Are you looking to increase revenue by making more sales?

Would you like to make more effective presentations?

Could you use someone to review and edit your marketing and presentation materials?

Would you like to have marketing and presentation materials created for you?

Do you wish you felt more confident when making an important business connection or sale?

Do you want to get better at public speaking?

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You are not alone! Let the Law and Management Resource Center help you!

We know your time is valuable but, spending as much time as possible on marketing in order to increase your revenue and customer base is important for a business to grow and succeed. That’s where our presentation skills coaching comes in. We provide a great solution for both businesses operating with marketing professionals who understand the value of our services and for those operating without full-time marketing professionals.

All coaching is provided by a highly educated, qualified, and experienced MBA consultant who has received numerous accolades for both presentations and presentation coaching. Coaching can be provided as part of a comprehensive plan or on individual projects.

Our services include the following:

◆ Review and general editing of material (e.g., PowerPoint presentations, marketing material, elevator pitches, pitch contest material, etc.);

◆ Research and development of material, including text and illustrations (graphic design also available);

◆ Presentation, public speaking, and interview coaching;

◆ Coaching for businesses seeking investments and funding including financial projections for slide decks; and

◆ Development of whiteboard animation videos.

Presentation skills coaching helps individuals become more confident and effective in communicating information and is an essential skill for marketing. No matter how great your product or service is, if you can’t market it, people might never know.

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Studies show that nearly 75% of the population suffers from the fear of public speaking. In fact, several studies on human behavior found public speaking to be the number one fear suffered by individuals! There is no reason this needs to be the case and our presentation skills coaching can help you both overcome any fear you may have of public speaking and also make you a better presenter. So, stop feeling anxious and start feeling excited!

Contact us at (858) 376-7737 or to become a better presenter, today!