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Employment Law and Human Resource Discounts

20% Discount on Platinum Package Plan

1. Employment law, human resource and business management consultation – with no hourly fees and no limitations on time or the number of inquiries. Business management consultation is provided by an experienced MBA consultant – yes, we have that, too!

2. Up-to-date, California law compliant employee handbook – In California, where legal requirements change quickly, employee handbooks should be reviewed annually. It’s important that employers have an attorney experienced in California employment laws draft their employee handbooks – or at least review them. An employee handbook can be an employer’s best friend or part of an aggrieved employee’s best ammunition. Words matter, phrasing matters and content matters.

3. Online harassment prevention training for supervisors and non-supervisors – Employers with five or more employees are required to provide at least two hours of training to supervisors and at least one hour of training to non-supervisor employees in 2019. Note: Supervisors and employees who received training before the 1st day of this year must receive training again this year.

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